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Negotiations Update, August 7, 2020

MOUs Signed

Since May 2020 we have signed 3 MOUs:

1. Learning Communities, which compensates faculty involved with an approved Learning Community according to the existing guidelines of special projects (Article 13, workload).

2. Classification Advancement, which cleans up very old language regarding advancing across the columns of the salary schedule, including eliminating the rigid requirement for pre-approval of coursework.

Emergency Covid Contingency (3), which builds on the previous Covid MOUs and extends the effective time frame until we can resume normal operations. There is also language in this MOU stating that “Course content, including electronically communicated instructional materials must meet legal and accreditation requirements.” In other words, course content must be ADA accessible, to the extent feasible.

The proposals that were passed back and forth to negotiate the Covid Contingency MOU include District #1, SBCCDTA Counter #1, District Counter #1, SBCCDTA Counter #2, District #2, SBCCDTA Counter #3, and District Counter #3, which we agreed to accept.


Proposals in-progress

We are still in the process of trying to negotiate additional compensation for adjunct professional development, as well as a stipend for all faculty to help with expenses incurred while working from home. We have not reached a resolution on these topics yet.

SBCCDTA Proposal #1 requested both parts of this compensation, District Counterproposal #1 rejected them, SBCCDTA Counter #1 referenced the allowed expenses with CARES funding and requested the compensation again, District Counter #2 rejected them. We had a further conversation and agreed to separate the requests into separate proposals. The District is currently working on a counterproposal for our original request for the professional development hours, and we are working on a counterproposal for the stipend.

Our next negotiations meeting to discuss these two proposals is scheduled for August 19, 2020.

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