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Negotiations Update 4/12/19

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

This year the negotiations team will keep members informed by posting MOUs, Proposals, and other items as we can. This update provides information from our April 12, 2019 meeting.


Learning Communities

The District and the Association (CTA) will continue to work together to define learning communities in order to negotiate wages.  If this is not complete by the end of this Academic Year, negotiations will continue on the topic next year.

Wages:  The Tentative Agreement signed at the last meeting had a few gaps that made the planning for implementation a little challenging.  We addressed some of these challenges through an MOU that did not change the original agreement but made the transition to a part-time and full-time faculty overload salary schedule easier to manage.  The effective date for the new salary schedule is still July 1st 2019 but the implementation will occur on our September pay warrants and will include retroactive pay from July 1st. The transition to a salary schedule for part-time faculty and faculty with overload will also be a little challenging because the transition will occur while people are teaching classes in the summer.  We are on the old system of submitting office hours through June and we begin the new system of the salary schedule, where office hours are included in the hourly pay, on July 1st.  For this reason, office hours accumulated through June 30th will still need to be submitted using the regular forms.  Please make sure you have submitted these by June 30th.  After that date, office hours will be included in your pay and there will be no need to submit forms for office hours.  SLO’s are not affected because submission and evaluation of SLO’s will not occur before June 30th.

Tentative Agreement


Oracle (Purchasing)

No MOU was signed to support faculty through purchasing of equipment/supplies because this is not faculty work.  Any faculty who make recommendations for equipment/supplies in their areas will now submit their recommendations to their immediate supervisor.  Recommendations will include important ordering information such as item description, vendor, unit cost, quantity, and website.  The immediate supervisor will be responsible for ensuring that the ordering and tracking is completed by someone other than a faculty member.


Health and Welfare Benefits

Two separate MOU’s were signed for full-time and part-time faculty.  Full-time faculty will have two no cost options (Kaiser: 30 and Blue Shield: Trio).  Dental, Vision, Basic Life and AD&D will continue to be offered.  We still have an option to opt out of medical plans.

Part-time faculty negotiations were more complicated.  The District did not offer any benefit plan.  It became apparent that the District did not research any medical plans other than Kaiser which, they determined to be too expensive.  We reminded the District that they were contractually obligated to present us with a plan for part-time faculty this academic year.

Unfortunately, without having a clear understanding of the packages that providers could offer our part-time faculty, there was nothing to negotiate.  We did not however, allow the District to close the door on continued negotiations.  We presented an MOU that required the District to research several providers and provide a cost analysis of each to include health and welfare, vision, and dental.  We further requested that the District research comparison districts and compile a review of part-time benefit packages offered to comparison district employees. 

Additionally, we asked for a review of part-time faculty benefit implementation plans used at our comparison districts.  The District agreed to these requests and will be providing the research at the April 26th negotiations meeting so that we may continue negotiations.  Failure to provide this information will begin the exploration of an unfair labor practice claim.


Evaluation Procedure

The District passed their first proposal redefining the Evaluations Procedure article and provided rationale for their recommended changes.  We explained that we cannot negotiate this item until we have had the opportunity to obtain direction from our Executive Board.


Overall Tentative Agreement

This TA is a compilation of all agreements made throughout the year.  It includes a description of the duration of the contract agreement and items in which we have agreed to continue to negotiate int

o the next academic year.

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