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Negotiations Update 3/11/2022

Article 2

Bargaining Unit: This has been agreed to and signed. Per the agreement managers will not be allowed to teach and take work away from faculty.

Article 10

Wages: We passed a proposal on wages for a two-year increase for both full and part time faculty based on cost-of-living adjustments and the rising cost of inflation. For full time, we proposed a 7% increase in year one and a 3% increase in year 2. For part time, we proposed a $4 increase as well as an additional step on the hourly schedule for year one and additional $2 for year 2. The district is waiting for some final numbers and will have their counter April 8th.

Article 11

Health and Welfare: This is being negotiated this semester, numbers usually come in April.

Article 13: Workload

Remote Work: We did not open all of workload, but we did want to address the limitations on remote workdays. We passed a proposal removing the restricted number of workdays acknowledging there may be campus obligations that might happen in person. The district passed the proposal back with a one day maximum, and we countered with no maximum. We are waiting for some additional information and a counter back from them.

Class Size: We reminded the district we are waiting on the counter to our class size in workload proposal. Being very conscious not to take away senate purview for class caps, the union proposed compensation for assignments where class caps are exceeded. The district is planning to pass the counter at the next negotiations meeting.

Lecture Lab Clinical Parity: We reminded the district that they needed to provide the counter to our lecture, lab, clinical, parity proposal. Our last proposal moved towards parity by increasing the load per course. The district will be sending out another survey related to parity. Lecture, lab, clinical faculty, please make sure to respond to the survey once it is sent.

Article 16

Evaluations: The evaluation portion is almost complete. Most of the article language is agreed to and we need to work on the tools for the evaluation process.

Full proposals can be found on the SBCCDTA website.

Negotiations Team

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