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Negotiations Update 11/9/2018

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

This year the negotiations team will keep members informed by posting MOUs, Proposals, and other items as we can.

This update provides information from our November 9, 2018 meeting.

Meeting Summary

Work Year: SBCCDTA passed a counterproposal to reduce the number of days worked per year from 177 to 175 to align with our comparison colleges.  Also included in the counterproposal are an additional 2 in service days that are faculty directed and facilitated.  Please read counterproposal (below) for more details.

Wages: The district expects to pass counterproposals regarding wages and union release time on December 14th.

Evaluations: The District will begin discussions about Article 16: Evaluation procedure on December 14th

Coordinators: SBCCD has requested clarification on contract language regarding the coordinator job description and compensation.  The request for clarification was revised a second time within 10 minutes of the original request.

Learning Communities: SBCCDTA is collecting information regarding learning communities.  Should you have any experience in Learning Communities and would like to share your knowledge, please email:

Counterproposals Passed by SBCCDTA

Article 13 Work Year – counter #3

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