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Negotiations Update 11/25/2019

Article 16 – Evaluations. 

SBCCDTA passed Counterproposal #1 to the District on November 22. Thanks to faculty recommendations (from consultations with the Senates, surveys, and other faculty correspondence) were able to prepare an informed draft for Executive Board review. At the table, there was an extensive discussion with the District, which mostly involved clarifying details about our intent with specific items. As a result of that dialogue, we will be seeking additional input from the faculty. Please watch for another survey to come out before the end of the semester (and thank you for your input on the last survey). The District is now working on its counterproposal to submit back to us.


Article 13 – Lecture/Lab Parity.

The committee has submitted its data to the District and SBCCDTA negotiations teams. We are extremely grateful for the hard work they put into this research. It was not an easy task! The negotiations teams will be following up with lab faculty to ask some additional questions, in order to finalize the research. Once the teams have this information, then SBCCDTA will be prepared to write the initial proposal to the District.


Preparation for Online Instructors.

We are in the process of arranging a joint workgroup meeting with the DE Faculty leads from both campuses, the District, and the Union. We need to all be in the same room at the same time, to assess the information about the colleges’ DE plans so that we can evaluate how that coincides with faculty workload.

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