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Negotiations Update 1/25/19

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

This year the negotiations team will keep members informed by posting MOUs, Proposals, and other items as we can.

This update provides information from our January 25, 2019 meeting.


Article 13: Workload: Learning Communities

The District continues to support the position that, at this time, faculty should not be compensated for learning communities unless it is required by a grant. The District position is that learning communities do not require any additional work to justify compensation for faculty while learning community negotiations continue. This contradicts their willingness to provide reassigned time/stipends for learning community work that is being paid through grants. Both the District and the Association agree that learning communities should not be required of faculty.

SBCCD Counter #2


Article 10: Wages

The Association reminded the District that according to previously signed agreements, negotiations regarding wages were to commence and continue no later than October 1, 2018 and that the District has not provided a counterproposal. We reminded the District that it appears they are not bargaining in good faith. The District responded that they would be able to provide a counterproposal within the next month. The Association pressed for a counter proposal for the next meeting (February 8, 2019).


Article 16: Evaluation Procedure

The District did not have a proposal to address changes to this article. A general conversation about the interpretation of the current article was held in an effort to better understand the changes that may be proposed by the District. Time did not permit this review to be completed and will therefore continue at the next meeting. We are asking members to provide feedback on the existing evaluation article (16).


Legislative Mandates: AB2012

Due to comprehensive language incorporated by the Association regarding parental leave, the District needs to conduct a fiscal review. The District will provide a counter at our next meeting.


Other Topics:

ADP: The Association expressed its concerns over the various requirements that faculty are facing with time sheets. Do we submit through ADP or by hard copy? We were told that the District would come to a decision regarding which process should be used by October 2018. No decision has been made by the District but they did agree to pass a proposal that clearly articulated the concern, explains the process that the District must follow to make the decision, and provide a clear timeline in which the final decision will be made. The District needs three months of duplicate data to satisfy an audit that confirms the accurate use of ADP. We expect to see this proposal at the next meeting on February 8th, 2019

Oracle (reimbursements): Several faculty members have not been reimbursed due to the implementation of Oracle. The Association reminded the District that According to AP 7400, faculty are only required to submit an AC-10 and all related travel documents. We have advised faculty to follow the existing process.

Oracle (purchase orders): Several faculty members have been asked to submit their own purchase orders for supplies etc., instead of making the request to the respective manager. In addition, due to the District’s failure to pay vendors, faculty members are receiving inquires by vendors for unpaid bills, and are also expected to track and verify receipt of payments and deliveries.

Part-Time and Full-Time Faculty with Overload Office Hours: There continues to be confusion about the process being followed to pay part-time faculty and full-time faculty with overload for office hours. The Association clarified that since the office hours are required by the contract language, that faculty should automatically be paid for this work without the need to complete a form. Faculty must submit their office hours to their manager by the end of the first week of class. For this semester’s compensation, faculty should complete the Contract for Professional Development and Faculty Office Hours form and submit it to their supervisor. The District has asked that we provide them with time to develop a process. The conversation will continue at the next negotiations meeting.

Part-Time and Full-Time Faculty with Overload Office Hours. 2: If you have not been compensated for office hours completed in Fall 2018 please email the CTA President, Meridyth McLaren, at Please email her by February 15 if the compensation was not included in your February earnings statement.

Unit Description/Recognition: Our bargaining contract clearly indicates that managers cannot teach courses, but this continues to be a problem that the Association has asked the District to address immediately. Managers doing faculty work is also prohibited in the District’s own administrative procedures, AP 7250 and AP 7260. The conversation will continue at the next negotiations meeting.

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