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Covid 19 Update 3/14/2020

Hello Fellow Faculty!

SBCCDTA is sending this email to give important updates and to address some of the questions we have received from concerned faculty regarding instructional changes due to COVID-19.


  1. After a long negotiations meeting on Friday, we have a draft MOU outlining some details for the Covid-19 response plan sent out yesterday by the Chancellor's Office. We anticipate signing the MOU on Monday morning and will then post it on our website and email it to all faculty.  

  2. On Monday afternoon a few members of the SBCCDTA Executive Board are planning to do a LiveStream question and answer session. Details on this event will be provided on Monday morning.  

  3. Please keep in mind that it is not feasible for this MOU language to cover all of the possible scenarios and questions that may arise.  We will do our best to address additional changes and concerns through communication and creative solutions.


Do I have to teach my class online?

  • First, please note that not all classes (especially those with labs or clinical components) or student support services can feasibly be moved online, so not ALL classes or student support services will go online. 

  • We have proposed language for determining which classes and support services will go online, which will be made available once the MOU is agreed to and signed by both SBCCDTA and the District.  

  • We intend to continue to protect the contract language that gives a faculty member the choice to NOT teach online, while simultaneously ensuring that faculty have the support they need to the move to online delivery if they so choose.

How will I move my classes online?

  • For faculty who want or need training in using Canvas, Zoom or other online tools, the campuses are preparing to start offering training during Spring Break.

  • We are proposing compensation for faculty who participate in these training sessions (either on campus or online) during Spring Break.  

What are my work requirements for the extended week of Spring Break?

  • While classes have been suspended for the week of March 22-27, it is a workweek for faculty.  

  • Faculty who are transition their class(es) to an online format will have this week to work on the transition.

Why can't the union negotiate to close the campus/classes completely?

  • The only way this can be done - without impacting faculty retirement credit - is by federal, state or local governments.

Finally, as we move forward into this uncharted territory, please remember that everyone (faculty, staff, and administration) have a shared goal to provide necessary support and flexibility so our students can continue to receive the same excellent education they have always received at our colleges. In unity and with all positivity,  SBCCDTA Executive Board

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