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Declaration of Candidacy

All Declaration of Candidacy Forms/Statements must be submitted via email to Meridyth McLaren at sbccdtapresident@gmail.com.

See below for forms for each candidacy.

Declaration of Candidacy Forms


Monday, 3-9-2020, 8 AM  - This is the closing of the nomination period.  All Declaration of Candidacy forms and ballot statements must be submitted via email to Andrea Hecht at elections@sbccdta.org or delivered to the CTA Office at 1997 East Marshall Blvd. San Bernardino, CA 92404. by 4 pm. 

Elections Timeline

Monday, 3-9-20, 8 AM - Announcement of vacancies and open nomination period. All Declaration of Candidacy Forms/Statements must be submitted via email to Andrea Hecht at Elections@sbccdta.org or delivered to the CTA Office at 1997 East Marshall Blvd. San Bernardino, CA 92404. 


Friday, 4-3-2020, 4 PM  - Closing of the nomination period.  All Declaration of Candidacy forms and ballot statements must be submitted via email (see above email) or hard copy to the SBCCDTA Office by 4 pm. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND! 


Wednesday, 4-8-2020, 8 AM  - Opening of Information candidacy statements. 

Tuesday 4-13-2020 5 PM - Request for a hard copy ballot to be mailed to your home must be submitted to elections@sbccdta.org

Friday, 4-17-2020, 8 AM  - Electronic Voting begins, links to ballots emailed, access to hard copies of ballots*. Voting can be done online or through hard copy.  

Monday, 4-27-2020, 12 PM - Closing of Information & VOTING Period** 

Monday, 4-27-2020, 3 PM – Ballots will be counted at the CTA Office. 

Wednesday, 4-29-2020, 5 PM  - Announcement of election results.    

Saturday, 5-9-2020, 12 PM - Last day to challenge election if no run-off. 


 Run-off – if needed 

  1. 4-29-2020 @ 5 PM: Announcement of Run-off 

  2. 5-1-2020 @ 8 AM: Voting begins 

  3. 5-8-2020 @ 12 PM: Voting ends 

  4. 5-18-2020 @ 5 PM: Results published 

  5. 5-28-2020 @ 12 PM: Last day to challenge  


 * Printed voting packets, if required, will be available at the CTA Office at 1997 East Marshall Blvd. San Bernardino, CA 92404. Friday, 4/3 9am-5pm; Monday - Thursday 4/6 - 4/9 8am-4pm; Friday 4/10 9am-5pm. 

 [Separate packets for each campus; voting will be by double envelope; one voting box provided.] 

 ** Electronic voting ends and any printed ballots must be received in the CTA Office. 

 Questions? Please contact Andrea Hecht  at Elections@sbccdta.org or 909-384-8533  

Basics for Each Role

The President shall:

  1. The President shall be the chief executive officer of the Association and its policy leader.Call meetings of the Association and the Executive Board.

  2. Preside at all meetings of the Association and Executive Board.

  3. Prepare the agendas for all meetings of the Board and the membership.

  4. Be the official spokesperson for the Association.

  5. Be familiar with the governance documents of the Association, CCA, CTA and NEA, the Colleges and the District.

  6. Propose procedures for grievances processing for ratification by the Executive Board and the Active membership of the Association.

  7. Suggest policies, plans, and activities for the association and be held responsible for the progress and work of the Association.

  8. Nominate all chairpersons and members of committees, and of the bargaining team, with the approval of the Executive Board.

  9. Attend or send a design to meetings of the Service Center Council of which the Association is a part.

  10. Attend other CCA/CTA/NEA meetings as directed by the Executive Board or membership.

  11. Serve as the primary SBCCD representative, or appoint a designer, to all conferences and councils of the Community College Association (CCA).

  12. In the event of her/his absence, designate one of the vice-presidents to chair meetings of the Executive Board; if the president is unable to designate, then the Executive Board shall choose which VP will chair the meeting(s) in the president’s absence;

  13. Oversee the operations of the Association office and staff


The First (SBVC) & Second (CHC) Vice-Presidents shall:

  1. Serve as assistant to the President in all his/her duties.

  2. Assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President.

  3. Coordinate all Association activities on his/her respective campus/college with the other members of the Executive Board, particularly the representatives at his/her respective campus/college.

  4. Attend, or send a designee, to the regular meetings of the campus Academic Senates as liaison for the Association and present a report to the Executive Board.

  5. Serve as co-chairperson of the Association Membership Committee; Be

responsible for the formation and distribution of the association’s calendar of



The Secretary shall:

  1. Keep a careful and accurate record of the proceedings of each regular or special Association meeting and of the Executive Board.

  1. Minutes shall include date and place of meeting and time convened.

  2. Minutes shall be kept in perpetuity.

  1. Maintain an accurate roster of and address label files for membership of the Association.

  2. Carry on the correspondence pertaining to the affairs of the Association; and

  3. If the Secretary is unable to attend a meeting, he/she will arrange a substitute and coordinate with the President.


The Treasurer shall:

  1. Receive all funds belonging to the Association and be responsible for their safekeeping and accounting.

  2. Payout such funds upon orders of the President.

  3. Disburse PAC funds upon authorization of the Executive Board.

  4. Keep an itemized account of receipts and expenditures.

  5. Cosign with the President or other designated cosigners all checks drawn on Association accounts.

  6. Provide a written report on the financial status (a budget) of the Association at each regularly scheduled Executive Board meeting and Association meeting.

  7. Submit information and financial reports to the chapter, CCA, CTA, NEA, and other agencies as required by law; and

  8. Conduct or coordinate an annual audit of the books of the Association and distribute a summary of this audit to the Be responsible for submitting membership and financial reports to CTA, NEA, and other agencies as required by law.

  9. Coordinate all appropriate accounting procedures with the PAC Treasurer.



The Representatives shall:


  1. Serve as the central contact for his/her constituents and act as a liaison for members to the Executive Board.

  2. Provide information and serve as a resource for members of his/her constituency in the spirit of maintaining transparency through open communication with all members and the Executive Board and the members of the Association.

  3. Work in conjunction with the District-wide President and/or appropriate vice president on publicity.

  4. Encourage membership in the Association and serve on the Membership Committee at his/her respective campus/college.

Attendance— Voting Executive Board Members shall:

  1. Attend all meetings of the Executive Board.

  2. Communicate regularly with her/his constituencies and represent the views of that constituency.

  3. Serve on one or more Association committees.

  4. Represent the views and input of the general membership of SBCCDTA as delegates and/or participants at CCA State Council.

  5. Assume such duties as assigned by the Executive Board.


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