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Becoming a Member

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Thank you

Thank you for choosing a career in education. While it’s personally rewarding, it’s also professionally demanding. That’s why NEA, CTA, and your local association will provide you the support you need to be great at what you do. Being a member connects you with other educators. Together, we’ve been the most powerful voice for students and public education in California since 1863. And together, we still are.

For centuries, our greatest minds have reminded us that educators make a powerful difference for a lifetime... because we are educators who know quality public schools build stronger local communities and make a better California for all of us.”

Ask Questions

Membership is one of the responsibilities of the Vice Presidents of each campus.


Though you are welcome to ask any member of the Executive Board questions about membership.


Please see below for common membership questions.

Crafton Hills College

Vice President

Valley College

Vice President/Lead Negotiator

Get Answers

Membership Myth: I don’t really think I need the membership benefits.

One of the most important benefits of being an active member is the Educators Employment Liability insurance (up to $1,000,000), which is an automatic benefit at no extra cost and begins the date you sign the membership form. Every CTA member receives coverage for legal defense costs in lawsuits arising out of his or her educational employment activities. Fee-payers receive extremely limited protection. Other CTA benefits and NEA benefits are also available.

Membership Myth: I’m a PT faculty, so the union doesn’t really value my membership.

The part-time faculty voice does matter. SBCCDTA is a wall-to-wall unit, which means ALL faculty (PT and FT) are bargaining unit members. Another benefit of being an active member is the right to vote in union elections at the local, state, and national levels (one person, one vote). At the local level, we hold elections for positions on the Executive Board, and ratification votes for our collective bargaining agreement. Both the District and the union have opened articles in the contract this year, and negotiations have begun. If you are not an active member, then you miss the opportunity to vote!

Membership Myth: Why hurry? Membership forms take a long time to process.

You become an active member as of the date you sign the form. Which means you are eligible to receive the benefits of membership beginning on the date you sign the form. We send the information to CTA within a day or two of receiving your completed application, and it typically takes CTA a few weeks to process the application and send you your membership card.

How do I apply for membership?

How to get a membership form:

  1. Get a membership form either contact your campus Vice President or get an online form.

  2. Complete the form

  3. Return the form to your campus Vice President or another member of your Executive Board.

  4. A signed copy of the form and your union card will be mailed to your home address.

Membership Myth: All faculty can vote in an election.

All faculty (FT and PT) are potentially eligible, when the bargaining unit brings something to a vote. Which types of issues require a vote? Examples include elections for Executive Board positions or ratification of a tentative agreement resulting from bargaining (e.g., involving wages, benefits, other contract language, etc.). However, only active members shall be permitted to vote. Furthermore, PT and FT members have equal representation (one person = one vote), so every vote really does count. In order to become active and exercise your right to vote, you must fill out a membership form. If you have not received your CTA membership card for the current academic year, please let us know right away, because it is likely that you are not an active member. Keep in mind, that membership becomes active on the date you sign the form. This means that if you do not receive a ballot for a particular election, then contact us immediately so that you can apply for membership and be permitted to cast a vote.

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