Participation in the election process is a particularly effective way to make sure your union represents you.

How do I vote?

Union leadership will be announcing the upcoming time and place to vote as developments with current COVID-19 cases continue to unfold.

Elections Timeline

Monday, 1-24-2022  - Announcement of vacancies and open nomination period.

All Declaration of Candidacy Forms/Statements must be submitted via email to


Friday, 1-28-2022, 4 PM  - Closing of the nomination period. 

All Declaration of Candidacy forms and ballot statements must be submitted via email (see above email) by 4 pm. 


Monday, 1-31-2022, 8 AM  - Opening of Information Period.

Access to candidate statements will be available on 

Sunday, 2-10-2022, 12 Noon - Closing of Information Period. 

Friday, 2-11-2021  - Voting Day. 

Ballots will be available in a location and time TBD.  

Monday, 2-14-2022 3 PM - Announcement of election results.


Tuesday 2-15-2022  - Run-off election, if necessary. 


Friday 2-18-2022 12 Noon - Deadline to challenge election. 

 Questions? Please contact Maria Valdez at


The candidate for this election can be found below. There is only one candidate and two seats available. Additional candidates can be written in on the ballot. Please be sure that the person you write in is comfortable serving and is a current member.


District Wide

Ed Gomez

Candidate Statement

My name is Ed Gomez, and I am asking that you vote for me to serve you as your SBCCDTA’s President. My qualifications include: 10 years President, 2 years VP, 4 years Lead Negotiator, 6 years Grievance Rep, 10 years CTA State Council Rep, 8 years CCA /FEDC Chair. Thank


District Wide

Mary Lawler

Candidate Statement

I am Mary Lawler, Adjunct at SBVC, in Kinesiology & Health dept. My 4th year with our Union and serving Faculty.
Currently in, California Leadership Academy to enhance my knowledge and skills as an educator and leader.
I have 2 years’ experience- accounting, and Business Administration.
Vote for me.


District Wide

Byron Williams

Candidate Statement

I have been teaching for the past three years, serving our community with the upmost respect and integrity. I am very meticulous in my work and I am committed to make a difference at SBVC. I would be honored to serve you and the community in the role of Secretary.

Vice President at SBVC

Valley College

Alicia Hallex

Candidate Statement

I would like to serve as the SBCCDTA Vice-President at SBVC. The past year, I have had the pleasure of
serving as the Full-Time Rep SBVC. Using my current experience, I would work on growing membership
and serving the faculty for any union support they may need.

Vice President at SBVC

Valley College

Richard Jaramillo

Candidate Statement

In my work experience I have been employed by a non-union employer for over 15 years and that experience has encouraged me to support and become an active union member of the SBCCDTA. I have been a fulltime faculty in the Automotive Mechanical Department since 1999 where I served as

Vice President at CHC

Crafton Hills College

Julie McKee

Candidate Statement

No statement was provided.