Appendices, ETC.

Plans, schedules, and details to help members excel. 

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2018 Appendices, ETC.

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Application for FSA Assignment.

Appendix A-1
Compensation Plan
Appendix A-1a
Faculty Salary Schedule
Appendix A-2a
Compensation Schedule for All Hourly Work
Appendix A-2b
Compensation Schedule Pay for Course
Appendix A-3
Head & Assistant Coach Compensation
Appendix A-3a
Head & Assistant Coach Job Description
Appendix A-4
Faculty Department Chair Compensation
Appendix A-4a
Faculty Department Chair Job Description
Appendix A-5
Coordinator Compensation
Appendix A-5a
Coordinator Job Description
Appendix B
Salary Schedule Regulations
Appendix C
Faculty Service Areas (FSAs)
Appendix D
Faculty Lead
Appendix E
Working Remotely Form
Appendix F
Evaluation Forms (all)
Appendix G
Academic Service Days (200 Days)
Appendix H
Academic Service Days (221 Days)
Appendix I
Hourly Sick Leave
Appendix J
MOU – Student Learning Outcomes
Appendix K
MOU – Part-Time Faculty Access to a Group Health Benefit
Appendix L
MOU – Non-Credit
Appendix M
MOU – Test Program For Use of Online Evaluation Forms
Appendix N
MOU – Health & Welfare
Appendix O
MOU – Dual/ Concurrent Enrollment Course Staffing
Appendix P
MOU – VIDEO and AUDIO Recording Equipment
Appendix Q
MOU – Comparison District Data Summary Guidelines
Appendix R
MOU – Transition from Blackboard to Canvas
Appendix S
MOU – Lecture, Lab, and Clinical Parity Committee
Appendix T
Grievance Report Forms
Table I
Whole Hours
Table II
Fractions of An Hour