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Affirmation of Solidarity 

SBCCDTA Commitment to Real Change

SBCCDTA stands in solidarity with the Black community and the protesters who are working to combat systemic and institutional racism. We stand in solidarity with all victims of police brutality and hate crimes. Further, we support the protesters' constitutional right to peacefully demand immediate and widespread change to eradicate racism across our communities, industries, and institutions, especially institutions of higher learning. 


SBCCDTA recognizes fellow faculty, staff, administrators, and students of color may feel unseen, unsafe, and unheard. We are committed to strengthening and escalating our efforts to provide safe and equitable learning and working environments. We ask our members to pause, reflect, self-examine, and explore personal actions that contribute and support the inequitable power dynamic present in our nation. We support meaningful dialogue and actions that will lead to substantive changes. To this end, SBCCDTA is committed to actively listening, acknowledging hurt, and learning to recognize racist acts in personal, professional, and community interactions. 

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